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"MONA" is a custom GUI for u-he Diva. It changes not only how it looks, but also how it works.

Key Features

  • 1660 x 930 huge GUI size
  • Realistic hardware look
  • Everything in 1 pane
  • Playable keyboard and wheels
  • The "Massive Modulation" system v2
  • One-click module switching
  • XY controls for effects
  • "Easy Access" to essential parameters in browser

The new workflow improves your efficiency, and the beautiful appearance just makes you happy😇

"Massive Modulation" System v2

MONA has the new modulation system like NI Massive synth. The system is almost the same as the one in AIKO, but in this version (v2), icons are added and you can change mod sources by clicking these icons too! This is great when you don't feel like right-clicking. Choice is joy!

  • Click : Set the mod source (if unset)
  • Drag the text area : Control mod depth
  • Right click: Change the mod source
  • Click icons : Change the mod source
  • Mod amount is shown as a ring.

Just have a try and you'll see. It's really simple and fit to your hand!

1-Click Model Selector

Just one click to change models. It's even draggable! How many times have you open the model selector pop-up menus? Your lifetime is finite. Halve your clicks with MONA.

Editor View

No tabs. All controls are in a single pane. Inactive parameters are hidden automatically, minor parameters are put in the footer, thus constructing a tidy environment where you can concentrate on sound making without getting annoyed by UI-wise tediousness.

Player View

Hive is the first u-he synth equipped with wheels and a keyboard. As all u-he synths shares the same GUI system, now Diva (silently) gained the ability to have them in.
They work totally same as the ones in Hive––They react to MIDI written in DAW or hardware MIDI controllers. And you can click keys to play notes, drag wheels to check how MW/PW work.

Trailer Video

Triple OSC / Ladder

The design of T-OSC is like merging several hardwares into one, keeping the feel of unity while making a good distinction for components. e.g. small knobs for minor parameters, yellow switches for modern components like hard sync, 12dB filter and mod assignments.

Dual VCO / Cascade

Thanks to the Massive Modulation System, the design of Dual VCO is kept quite tidy. Modulation routings are shown visually so you can intuitively see them.

DCO / Multimode

Retro-looking display catches your heart! Here again the Massive Modulation System reduces the number of physical knobs/sliders, offering simple & plain UI.

DVCO Eco / Bite

Rugged metallic texture brings the taste of geeky underground synth-maniacs.

Digi OSC / Uhbie

In Digital OSC, the Massive Modular system is implemented with a radical approach. You drag the "mod boxes" in the center and mod depth is shown as rings on each OSC. Mod rings appear only when they're actually routed (as you can see from above). You can instantly grasp how each parameter is modulated!


XY panels greatly help you sculpture sounds! Above all, Decay/Size controller in reverb is a killer. Once you use it, you can't imagine a life without it.

Preset Browser

Fixed 3 column browser. In the right panel you can check the states of OSC/HPF/LPF modules and FXs. Also, beneath it is the "Easy Access" section where you can control very basic parameters such as filter cutoff, resonance and ADSR.

Tag Editor

And it has the tag editor, of-course! You can keep this editor open––You don't have to right click the save button and choose "tag this patch" to edit tags.

MONA comes with a small preset library as a bonus gift.

Turn Off the FXs (Lite)

"Turn Off the FXs" is a library featuring raw sounds without effects.

Effects do enrich synths. But the downside of them is; they can be used to make a "decent" sound just look gorgeous. Any patch may sound fine by virtue of heavy reverb and delay.

Classic synths don't have effects and I believe the quintessence of synths lies in oscillators and filters. So I decided to make a library that does not rely on the power of effects.

Audio Demos

All morphs are done by mod-wheel or aftertouch. Ne external effects inserted.


They sound dry. But this is the raw sounds of the synth. Use your own favorite reverb/delay plugins to make them fit to your tracks!


  • 16 Basses
  • 10 Keys/Brasses
  • 11 Leads
  • 8 Pads
  • 3 Plucks
  • 48 Presets in total

All presets are tagged and mod-wheel ready. Some are also compatible with aftertouch morph. Almost all of the patches use no effects -- The only exception is DCO based patches, which has just 1 OSC (+sub) and a chorus effect is originally incorporated to the part of sound designr.

Turn "ON" the FXs

Do you suspect that I gave up using effects just for saving time, and "pure sound" is a good excuse for "unfinished" sound? To clear up the doubt, the patches with FXs ON are also included!! So 48x2=96 presets in total, technically.
The point is that I carefully added FXs onto what are already "finished", so that FXs would not be abused to disguise a poor sound as a gorgeous one.


Though the title says "Lite", the "Full" version is yet to be released. I'm going to extend this project and make the full version in the future. This is a test-flight for it.

Get Demo version

You can download the demo version of the skin.

There could be rare cases where the skin causes DAW to crash. Please try changing some presets, editing parameters, pushing buttons.

And the skin is basically made for 100% zoom / HD display. Please check if it looks beautiful in your screen and your preferable zoom rate. The size of MONA is massive. It primarily aims at pro users with large displays like 24 inch or larger, or at least 16 inch laptop.If your screen resolution is smaller than 1660x930 (plus extra height for plugin window header), you have to shrink the UI, which could cause it to look shaggy.

Demo Restrictions

  • Some modules are disabled.
  • Many stamps that say "Demo".
  • PLUGMON lives in the UI.

About Installation

Please read the userguide for more detailed installation. You need to install fonts as well as themes for it to look perfectly beautiful!

User Guide

--User guide for a skin?

MONA is not just a skin. It brings you new layouts and functions. So it is recommended that you read through this manual.

Click to view, right-click to download.


  • It requires Diva v1.4.3 (with new tag browser).

Further Support

If you have some trouble, please contact us. Or the KVR thread is the best place to have discussion!

Release Notes

All changes are listed here.

v1.0.3 (2023.7.8)
Added Browser Added voicemode/stack/arp settings in "Easy Access" section!
Added Appearance Added appearance settings: Oscilloscope display in EDITOR view now can be switched to a tiny preset selector. This is basically for those who get distracted by waveforms incessantly moving, but also useful for instant browsing for presets.
Improved Appearance For "Classic miniMG Backgrounds" customization, a proper background image for "HPF - Feedback" is added.
Added Appearance A new "Customize by Yourself" asset is added: "Simpler VMM Knobs".
v1.0.2 (2023.6.30)
Fixed ENV2 Fixed the dubbed title text in ADS mode.
v1.0.1 (2023.6.30)
Fixed Footer Fixed the typo "bipoler"😭
Improved Footer Changed label from "Microtun" to "Microtuning".
Improved Bottom Panel Changed label from "VCC" to "VOICE", "Tempo" to "Timebase".
Improved Browser A bit high contrast for folder list by diminishing brightness of the background.
Added Appearance Added an appearance setting: You can choose DCO waveform panel frame (light/dark/plain).
Added Appearance Added alternative images resource that you can replace by yourself: More classical "miniMG" look. Check out "Customize by Yourself" folder!
v1.0 (2023.6.25 - no version-numbering in this fix)
fixed Presets Fixed the issue that presets show an error message "Plug-In too old". 🙇‍♂️
v1.0 (2023.6.25)
Released - The very initial release

Based on 13 reviews

  1. English

    Fannon (verified owner)

    Quality Work like usual 🙂 The skin really helps to get a better, full overview of the synth state while also simplifying the UI, e.g. by the smart modulation system.

  2. English

    Luis Baldwin (verified owner)

    I usually force myself into liking the Default skin of any synth, because I try to judge the sound rather than the looks. But man, I really fell in love with Diva with this skin. Great work Plugmon!

  3. English

    Square Circuits (verified owner)

    Give Diva a modern feel to craft sound. I’m so satisfy!!!

  4. English

    CGM (verified owner)

    Excellent work!!

    Easy install and within seconds, creating new presets, definitely revitalising my love of Diva and taking to new heights – very highly recommended!

  5. English

    (Anonymous) (verified owner)

    The best-sounding plug-in synths now have the best look and feel of all plug-in synths. Thank you Plugmon. I love your work.

  6. English

    the-simian (verified owner)

    This is the UI that Dive should have had, and improved my mental model of its capabilities. Here’s a few things that made a big difference for me:
    1. Moving the ‘drop down’ selects in the sections to tabs made me more likely to try other modes. The tabs are an easier way to see the tree-like structure of each panel.
    2. the color-rings around the knobs give you way more visual feedback about what is being affected. The massive modulation system is quite an improvement.
    3. The theme, being physically larger takes more advantage of modern monitors, showing more at once

    I’ve already started using this on some new sounds on tracks on my soundcloud, and for me its been a masterclass in effective synth ui design. I don’t think I can go back to the previous skin after using this.

  7. English

    kirkwoodwest (verified owner)

    A great refresh to the classic Diva Synthesizer by U-HE. This totally modernizes the Diva Interface. Must Have.

  8. English

    Raphel Tucker (verified owner)

    U-he is a kingpin for digital synth quality. Unfortunately, their GUIs leave something to be desired. MONA completely fixes this for Diva, making it as user-friendly as Sylenth1 or Serum.

  9. English

    dBOxi (verified owner)

    This is more than facelift update for Diva. For example the preset browser of Diva is already good but Mona goes to the next level by including preset info with adjustments.

  10. English

    KuDa177 (verified owner)

    The workflow with this skin is a huge improvement overall. More clean, more intuitive and fresh looking.

  11. English

    TORLEY (verified owner)

    There are “skins”, and then there are “total transformations”. MONA is very much the latter — going beyond cosmetics to add improved functionality. I enjoyed AIKO years ago, but MONA outshines it in a number of respects, featuring a purposefully skeuomorphic, elegant layout that has me smiling when I’m diving in to the many Diva patches I have.

    I like how the osc sections are structured, model selection is a one-click direct path, and other repetitive steps are folded into one. Even if you’re just browsing/tweaking sounds rather than creating them from scratch, this benefits your immediacy — in particular, the streamlined patch browser layout and being able to do PRESET adjustments right from there in a mini-display is so rewarding!

    The sheer thoughtfulness of design AND cross-applying things from Hive is something U-he should seriously consider to bring Yuta Yoshimatsu’s PLUGMON magic aboard to their factory user interfaces.

    If you play Diva and don’t have MONA, you’re missing out, big time. 🙌⏰

  12. English

    Nova (verified owner)

    MONA is absolutely brilliant and it’s refreshing to use. Very easy on the eyes, especially for long sound design sessions. Some of the parameters in the default DIVA GUI are quite tiny, even when the interface is enlarged. MONA is a huge improvement over the original and it eliminates excessive guesswork, most importantly if you come back to work on a patch the next day and need to pick up where you left off, this new GUI saves time. The trimmers tab is much more pleasant to look at, and it displays current settings in a much more immediate fashion. I rarely, if ever write reviews, but Plugmon’s efforts towards this GUI are simply too good to not acknowledge. Excellent work.

  13. English

    Carl Summers (verified owner)

    Exactly what Diva needed, a UI that’s straightforward, easy to understand and playable out of the box. I had Diva for a while and couldn’t wrap my head around it, but with this skin, I can understand its functionality almost immediately.

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