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Play in the “Dead” Silence

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Main Screen

“Tokyo Ghost” is a premium skin for U-he Bazille.

  • Clean light design with hardware taste knobs
  • Everything in a single screen
  • Improved effects sections
  • Ghost mode (Hide all cables)
  • Easy to see mod depth ring
  • Retina display ready

Ghost Mode

Tokyo Ghost has a great feature : Ghost Mode. With a single click, you can hide all cables.
However complexed your patch becomes, you can work in the dead silence.

Hover to See

Note that this is just a visibility matter. Ghost mode does not affect routings at all, because “ghosts” , though invisible, are still there watching us!



Preset Browser

Preset Browser

MMap Editor

MMap Editor

MIDI Table

MIDI Table

There’s the DEMO version of the skin available.

There could be rare cases where the skin causes DAW to crash. Please try changing some presets, editing parameters, pushing buttons such as settings or save presets.
And the skin is basically made for 100% zoom. Please check if it looks beautiful in your screen and your preferable zoom rate.

Ghost Demo
Demo Restrictions

The demo version works almost the same as the full version, except for followings:

  • Demo Stamps all around.
  • No OSC3-4, ENV3-4, LFO2.

Tokyo Ghost (Demo) /9 MB

*Current Demo version is still 1.0, while full version is now 1.0.5. We’ll update it later.



  • 1.Go to “Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/u-he/Themes”
    and drop the theme folder. (Note that it’s not your USER’s LIBRARY folder.)
  • 2. Open Bazille.
  • 3. Click the cog icon (top-right) to open the preference.
  • 4. Choose “Tokyo Ghost” as the default skin.


  • 1. Find your Bazille folder. it may be on “”
  • 2. Then move to “Support:Themes” and drop the theme folder there. If there’s no such folder, then create on your own.
  • 3. Open Diva.
  • 4. Click the cog icon (top-right) to open the preference.
  • 5. Choose “Tokyo Ghost” as the default skin.


  • Tested on Bazille v1.1.
  • Also tested on the very latest build: Rev.7859.

Further Support

If you have some trouble, please contact us. Or if you have something to talk about this product, KVR thread is the best place to discuss. Reporting issues or feature requests are helpful to us.

Release Notes

All changes are listed here.

v1.07 (2019.11.27)
fixed OSC Fixed the issue that fractal menus are overlapped by its depth knob and difficult to click.
v1.06 (2019.11.25)
fixed OSC Cosine/Tapmap settings in OSC3 & OSC4 were mistakenly that of OSC2’s.
v1.05 (2018.12.23)
Changed UI Inlets/Outlets images are now perfect circle by default. You can still revert it to the original version (slightly polygon shaped).
fixed Output Output inlets were not in the right positions.
fixed Filter2 Cutoff mode in Filter2 was not selectable.
fixed General Some elements are slightly moved, which hopefully lessens glitches in the scale other than 100%.
changed Bottom Ramp & MMap are now fully shown. Do you miss mini effector section? Don’t worry, we’re planning to add full FX control in the bottom panel.
v1.0 (2018.11.5)
Released The very initial release


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