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“Model 23” is a preset collection that replicates some of the factory presets packaged in Softube Model 80, released in 2023.

The Backgrounds

I was astonished at the quality of the presets in Model 80. They sound vivid, brilliant, eloquent and marvelous. I wished I could reproduce these great sounds on another synth––u-he Repro-5.

Since the two synths are not the same in their architectures, I manually tuned parameters in order to make it sound as close as possible. The result was quite successful. Though not perfectly identical, I got very similar sounding patches. I’d like to share these presets, for I think it is too big a loss to the world to keep them only on my computer.


I researched copyright issues and my conclusion is: Preset data files are protected by copyrights, but sound concepts are not. There are a number of presets replicating Van Halen’s “Jump” pad, Janet Jackson’s “Lately” bass, etc. In the first place, Model 80 itself copies the presets of its model synth, and some of its factory presets come from famous hit songs.
I believe this replica project is barely OK by virtue of the fact that I’m not a direct stakeholder of Repro.

That said, it would not be morally acceptable without great respect paid to the author of the original presets. In each preset file, therefore, its original author’s name is written in the description section. And here I praise the name of them as well.

  • Henrik Johansson
  • Kristofer Ulfves
  • Stefan Aronsson
  • (and some anonymous sound designers)

The geniuses! I hope they will not feel offended by this replica preset pack. I learned a lot about the synth through copying presets and I’m very much grateful for their works.


74 presets in total. Use on your own responsibility.