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Analog Spirits in Wavetables

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Not Magic, But Logic.


Analog Anthem” is a preset library for HIVE2, featuring our Original UHM Wavetables, each of which is inspired by legendary synths.

What is UHM?

UHM(U-He Math) is the wavetable scripting language developed by u-he, introduced in 2018.

UHM can generate very high quality wavetables expressed by math and logical formula. With its ability of very fine tuning, we replicated the analog vibes as much as possible.

Also have a look at FM Anthem, our first UHM product!

10 of the Legends.

10 historic synths are chosen as models, and each wavetable is named after its model. Listen how wavetables can make a difference.

Mini D

Sound of Oldies king, when its brilliant high is cut by resonant filter, “that sound” comes up.

Mini Voyage

21st century’s king-like analog sound. Fat in low-mid and very smoothly sounding.


Punchy in middle. It shines when combined with Clean 12dB LP.


Has both fatness and brilliance. Sound of gorgeous 80s analog.


Sweet and rich sound of 80s. Stack this and go mellow.


The most modest sound of all, weak in mid but strong in low.

Pro Five
Professor V

Very much balanced, all purpose silky sound, with some elegance in it. It can be glaring as well, if desired.

Pro One
Professor I

Rich in treble, made for monophonic sounds. Its typical “sync” sounds are also packed as wavetables.


Late 70s monophonic modular sound. Tuned for Dirty engine, creates aggressive vibes.


21st century’s new iconic sound. Warm yet clear sound with unique shape morphing.

*All sounds shown here are included as presets. All morph performed in these demos are done by Modwheel or Aftertouch.

*Synth images are just for indicating what the model synths will be — Custom GUI is not included in this product!

256 Shapes, Continuous.

All wavetables are Multi framed (256 frames). You can smoothly morph between waveforms, which also replicates the behavior of model synths.


True Crossfading

Most classic synths don’t have continuous shape morphing, only on/off switches. But you can create intermediate waveforms by combining two Oscillators. Some synths, depending on its phase position and direction, create really interesting sound when mixed.


You can enjoy these mixed waveform, spending only 1 oscillator! Let’s go beyond what the classics can.

Good Sounds Come from Good UX.

WTpos of each WT are aligned as much as possible.

Basic Rule

This means that you can easily taste through all wavetables just by clicking “Next” button, with no necessity for tuning WT knobs.

Trailer Video

Preset Walkthrough

We’re now creating all-preset-walkthrough video for each wavetables.



Wondering how wavetables can contribute to "analog" vibes? Please read the documentation.

  • How to Install Contents
  • How do wavetables contribute to analog sound?
  • Each character of our custom wavetables
  • About “PWM” files
  • About Recommended Interpolation
  • About uhm files

Contents of Presets

  • 70 Basses
  • 43 Mono Leads
  • 22 Poly Leads
  • 44 Pads
  • 45 Keys
  • 19 Sequences
  • 12 Templates*

255 presets in total. All presets are tagged, and mod-wheel / aftertouch ready.

*Templates... Very basic settings for each wavetable, which follow the structure of model synths. A good starting point for your own synthesis.


All presets are tagged. In addition, presets are sub-categorized by number from 1 to 4. Each number implies its basic sound character.

  • 1: Soft, gentle, closed filter.
  • 2: Warm, fat, semi-open filter.
  • 3: Bright, noisy, open filter.
  • 4: Modulated, inharmonic or pseudo-real instruments.

It means "Scroll down and go intensive". So if you want very soft pads, look for "PD1-" presets. If you want aggressive trans pads, look for "PD3-" presets.

Search by Wavetables

All presets have information about which wavetables they use. Say you specifically want the sound of "Mini D", just enter "Mini D" in search and all the presets using Mini D are listed up.

Q & A

What's specifically included in the package?

・Hive Presets
・Wavetables, exported as Wave
・Raw UHM files which you can open and edit
・Serum-compatible wavetables (.wav)

Below is the list of the synths we've checked the compatibility:

Synth UHM Wav(Hive ver) Wav(Serum ver)
Hive -
Vital -
Serum - -
Wavetable(Ableton) - -
Polymer(Bitwig) - -
ANA2 - - -

Please check compatibility with this test wavetable or this serum version wavetable. If loaded correctly, this file draws "Sine-Tri-Saw-Sqr-Wide" waveforms.

Are they recorded samples?

No. All wavetables are generated from uhm (u-he's wavetable scripting language).

Model hardwares are used as references, analyzed with oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. But note that wavetables are not based on a single hardware (except nanologue), but recorded samples you can get through web. According to hardware conditions and recording environments, sound may vary. But when collected, tolerances are diminished and you can see the character of a synth. We took some average point among them to create wavetables.

As to the morphs and mixes, we mainly referred to software emulations. Some are based both on hardware + software, but some of the intermediate waves are based only on software.

Are the output sounds equal to the models?

No, because the other very important part -- the filter -- is different. So the main purpose of this product is not to recreate the full, perfectly equal old sound, but to expand the possibility of Hive. Hive by default has only 3 colors (Normal, Clean, Dirty). Combined with these new wavetables, you have 30 tastes! Enjoy combinations just like you do in U-he Diva.

But the demo tracks remind me of the model synths. How is that done?

Many presets follow the status of the model synths (the number of OSC, filter types and its routing...) and the closest "Engine" is chosen. So well replicated wavetables + the settings very close to the original = very close sounds.

"Analog recreation in digital" is always a controversial topic. But the judgement you make is simple. If you love the demo sounds, you should buy!


  • It requires HIVE v2.1.

Further Support

If you have some trouble, please contact us. Or if you have any thoughts, KVR thread is a good place tp talk.

For installation guide, refer to the documentation in "Details" tab.

Release Notes

All changes are listed here.

v1.11 (2021.07.30)
Fixed Presets "LP2 - Objection" seemed still not fixed yet, sorry!
v1.1 (2021.07.20)
Added Presets 12 "Template" presets are added.
Added Presets 31 new presets are added, mainly with "Juna" or "Voyage".
Added Wavetables Serum compatible wavetables are now included.
Fixed Presets "LP2 - Objection" mistakingly used UHM wavetables, so it wasn't loaded correctly.
Fixed Presets "KY4 - Ghost Organ" mistakingly didn't use analog wavetables! so it's now revised.
v1.0 (2021.07.05)
Released - The very initial release

Based on 3 reviews

  1. English

    Synthfr34k (verified owner)

    A lot of work and love has been put into this set of wavetables and presets for Hive. I’m always surprised how varied the presets of this pack are, those can be used for many different music genres.
    Definitely a worthwhile purchase!

  2. English

    Brent Haeseker (verified owner)

    This is a really fun collection of analog synth goodness for Hive – it makes my Hive sound more like a DIVA! It won’t replace good analog modelling synths, but it adds more analog-ness to Hive. The presets are quite good too and the templates are handy. I did a video review with a couple of demo tracks at: I really enjoy this collection. Nice work, Plugmon!

  3. English

    dBOxi (verified owner)

    Inspiring and quality wavetables and presets.

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