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Love Your Diva Again

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Lovely Dinosaur.

AIKO is a brand new skin for U-he Diva. New modulation system, gathered elements with fewer tabs, additional XY pad, and the design that reminds you of original vintage hardware.

3 color variations is available so dress Diva with your favorite color!


New Modulation System

AIKO has the new modulation system like NI Massive synth.
There are “modulation source box” and you can do these:

  • Left click : Set the mod source
  • Drag the text area : Control mod depth
  • Right click: Change the mod source
  • Mod amount is shown as a ring.

Just have a try and you’ll see. It’s really simple and fit to your hand!
And there’re many other small improvements that surely enhance your experience.

About AIKO

AIKO /áɪkɔ/ is an abbreviation of “All Interfaces Kawaiku Optimized“.
(*Kawaiku = adverb form of “Kawaii“, which means “lovable” or “cute” in Japanese.)

“Cuteness”, is kinda opposite to “Dinosaur” — AIKO aims at obtaining modern tidiness. So the design of DualVCO, for example, is rather inspired by JP-08, not the original JUPITER-8.

AIKO in Japan

AIKO is named after the famous Japanese singer, aiko. She is one of those who represent the Japanese pop music scene!


Modules have some good taste of “vintage” and reminds you of their original synths, yet keep simpler look than the original skin.

Triple OSC

T-OSCminimoog inspired

Dual VCO

DVCOJP-08 inspired


DCOJU-06 inspired

Dual VCO Eco

DVCO EcoMS-20 inspired

Digital / Uhbie

aikoJP-8080 inspired

Preset Browser

browser1-column style


Especially REVERB and DELAY are super-easy-to-use.


Customizable Designs

By replacing the images, you can change some of the knobs and faders, to fit to your taste.


FACTORY T-2020 Soundset

Beside skins, a bonus sound set is included. Yes, it’s really a good deal that you can get new presets as well as new skins.

  • 36 Classic Leads
  • 19 Modern Leads
  • 26 Classic Decay Leads
  • 11 Modern Decay Leads
  • 36 Classic Pads
  • 32 Modern Pads
  • 23 Classic Basses
  • 41 Classic Decay Basses
  • 15 Modern Basses
  • 18 Brasses
  • 9 Strings
  • 6 Reeds
  • 40 Classic Plucks
  • 16 Modern Plucks
  • 26 Keys
  • 28 Cinematic Sounds
  • 43 Percussions
  • 10 SFX (Rise, Fall, Noise)

435 patches in total!! Wow. Actually this is “Quantity than Quality” package😭 so they’re not mod-wheel or aftertouch ready, for example.
But having choices is having fun — just like skins!

Listen to Sounds

FACTORY T-2020 is a versatile & comprehensive soundset for almost all genres.

Lead (Decay)
T-2020Lead (Decay)
Bass (Classic - Decay)
T-2020Bass (Classic - Decay)
Brass, Strings, Reed and Key
T-2020Brass, Strings, Reed and Key
Bass (Classic - Sustain)
T-2020Bass (Classic - Sustain)
Lead (Classic)
T-2020Lead (Classic)
Lead (Modern)
T-2020Lead (Modern)

Neat Categorization

T-2020 is categorized in detail, with numbers indicating its sound.

  • 1 : Soft, e.g. Sine or Tri based sounds.
  • 2 : Warm, e.g. Fat Saw lead with half closed LP filter.
  • 3 : Hard, e.g. Bright detuned Saw with open filter.
  • 4 : Special, e.g. Strong-pitch-modulated sounds.

So, for example, “BSC-3” means that it’s categorized in Bass-Classic-Hard.

In other words, The deeper you scroll down, the harder sound you encounter. Easy!


Get Demo version

You can download the demo version of the skin.

There could be rare cases where the skin causes DAW to crash. Please try changing some presets, editing parameters, pushing buttons such as settings or save presets. And the skin is basically made for 100% zoom. Please check if it looks beautiful in your screen and your preferable zoom rate.


Demo Restrictions

  • No ENV2, FX2 nor LFO2.
  • Watermarks on some images.

Note: Since updates are made frequently, sometimes the trial version is older than the actual product’s version. In case you have trouble due to this version gap, you fairly have the right to refund the product.

About Installation

Please read the userguide (on “Support tab”) for more detailed installation.

User Guide

User guide for a skin?

AIKO is not just a skin. It brings you many new functions. New layout, new modulation system, new graphical elements…
So it is recommended that you read through this manual. (it’s just 14 pages long.)

Click to view, right-click to download.


  • It requires Diva v1.4.3 (with new tag browser).

Further Support

If you have some trouble, please contact us. Or the KVR thread is the best place to have discussion!

Release Notes

Initially released in 2016, We keep updating AIKO.

v1.4.71 (2020.12.24)
fixed MIDI PW in DCO was not controllable by midi controller.
improved Browser Browser is revamped with larger screen
fixed General Codes are cleaned overall, hopefully less crash.
changed Digital Dynamic display of “Feedback” in Digital OSC, now represents “feedback” parameter, not “tune” parameter.
v1.4.7 (2020.9.2) – SNOW, RED only
fixed Browser Tag editor was missing in SNOW, RED.
v1.4.6 (2019.11.30)
fixed Visual In RED version, the Background in XY tab was white.
fixed Visual Info display in the top bar slightly leant.
fixed Visual Logo was somehow like “Div a”. Font kerning is adjusted.
v1.4.5 (2018.12.2)
fixed Browser Error massages were hidden behind preset browser and couldn’t click.
improved Browser Tag Editor is added!
added Design Alternative white header you can choose.
improved Soundsets Every patch is now tagged.
v1.4.4 (2018.6.22)
fixed General Mini Patch List : Junk/Fav Icon was not right.
v1.4.3 (2018.4.30)
improved Browser Now compatible with v1.4.3 new preset browser (Tag, Search)
improved Pref The preference list is updated to that of the latest version’s.
v1.4 (2018.2.14)
added Theme Two New color variations! The previous design is now called {Snow}, for it’s all white. A new standard design has black knobs instead. The other one is {Red}, which features the original red color.
improved Effects Delay UI got revised. Now it’s much easier to see, easier to handle.
fixed LPF [Ladder]12dB switch graphic was the other way around.
fixed LPF [Cascade] Cutoff knob area was so large that it was getting in the way of freqmod depth1.
fixed Arp Parameter “Progression” was missing. It’s added now. Note that it’s labeled “Order”.
v1.3 (2017.5.14)
fixed Digital “HQ” and “Ring” were other way around.
fixed LPF “KYBD” looked like a bipolar param. It was unipolar in fact.
fixed T-OSC The max value label for vol1 & vol2 was “10”. It is now “100”, which is clearer.
fixed T-OSC OSC number “1,2,3” are better placed.
v1.2 (2017.3.3)
improved Digital “Dynamic display” now works on all waveform types!
changed LFO Moved form right to left.
improved Browser Save button in the preset load window.
v1.1 (2016.10.25)
improved Theme added custamizable, alternative images.
improved VCC Unused stack’s voice tuning is now automatically hidden.
changed Effects Change the Reverb module design from “knob style” to “Fader style”.
fixed VCF Cutoff Mod dragging area was not large enough.
fixed ENV Sliders were slightly off from center.
fixed General The position of Modwheel and pitchwheel were other way around.
v1.0 (2016.9.19)
Released The very initial release

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  1. CGM (verified owner)

    buy it, enjoy it, it’s a great enhancement in every aspect !

    ps and thank you for the great Bonus Patches – very useful !!


    P.S. それから、素晴らしいボーナス・パッチをありがとう – とても役立ってます!!

  2. Razzia (verified owner)

    As a preface I should say, I bought another Diva skin before this one. A very popular one, albeit not for me. It was very attractive and added some nice things to Diva but I felt it ultimately made me work a bit slower because I was already so adjusted to Diva’s default layout.

    I don’t encounter this sort of issue with Aiko. It looks and behaves very much like the default Diva skin, but it adds some very nice workflow enhancements and puts more of the interface where I can immediately see and use it. The change to the modulation system is absolutely for me, and the XY pads are a teriffic touch. This sounds like some fluffy marketing platitude, but it’s kind of more than a skin.



  3. lavmort (verified owner)

    It is really awesome! My Diva looks like its a new generation synth now. One of your best works IMHO.

    これはほんとうにすごい! 私のDivaが今や新世代のシンセに見えます。あなたの作品の中でも指折りの出来だと思います。

  4. Victor (verified owner)

    With this skin I have finally found an analog synth that satisfies my needs. Congratulations on a GUI design that turns DIVA into a true musical playground. Victor


  5. Metric (verified owner)

    Amazing Skin Design for DIVA. It’s by far my favorite Softsynth, but the original GUI looked really dated and for me personally not fun to work with. The Plugmon Skins works issue free so far and finally also made it visually one of the best synths in my arsenal!


  6. Sean Stymeist (verified owner)

    Yes. Absolutely. Worth every penny.


  7. Moritz Huber (verified owner)

    Skin: Top notch… Its realy great… but… the presets: wtf is going on they are even better!!! I mean i have like thousends of presets for Diva but like 99% of them don’t even come close to the ones of this site…

    Realy good deal, worth the money.

    スキンについて: 最高です… ほんとにすごい… でも… プリセットについて: オイオイどうなってるんだよ、こっちはもっとすごいじゃん!!! Divaのプリセットを何千個も持ってるけど、99%はこの製品に及ばない…

  8. Alexandre (verified owner)

    I love it.


  9. sunbambino (verified owner)

    Fab skin, just beyond good. The gloomy negative look (Callas criminally forgotten in her Paris attic) has vanished and Diva has had her long-overdue facelift. This is a spectacular achievement by one of the most gifted graphic artists working in interface-land.

    Diva now looks futuristic as well as retro, the best softsynth ever is swanning around in the most glamorous livery imaginable. The new mod source boxes, the cool borrowings from Massive X, the excellent presets bundled with the skin, I could go on and on.

    Yes, I had a few issues on MAC OS Catalina, but Yuta got right on the case and quickly sent me a beta which is now stable.

    U-he should add this skin to Diva 2, I’ve written ’em to say so and they seem open to the idea. (No surprise!)

    Divaは今やレトロでありつつも未来的な外観になり、最高のソフトシンセが、想像しうる限り最もグラマラスな装いで動き回っています。新しいモッドソース・ボックス、Massive Xからのクールな借用、そして付属するエクセレントなプリセット、もっともっとあります。
    MacOS Catalinaで不具合が起きたりはしたけど、でもゆうたがすぐに対応してくれて、素早くベータ版を送ってくれて、今は安定して動作しています。

  10. Mark Patnaude (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this skin. I found the old one pleasing to look at but difficult to navigate. The effects and LFOs are now in a layout that I’m more familiar with and make Diva less of a mystery. Worth the money. Presets were a great bonus.


  11. Ernie Chang (verified owner)

    Amazing UI and very beautiful. I don’t want to use Diva without it

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