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FM/PD Expansion for HIVE

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Power of Math.

“FM Anthem” is HIVE2 preset library with 100 custom UHM wavetables, which replicates FM/PD synthesis waveforms.

What is UHM?

UHM(U-He Math) is the wavetable scripting language developed by u-he, introduced in 2018.

UHM can generate very high quality wavetables expressed by math and logical formula. We recreated FM/PD algorithm inside scripts, and reproduced genuine sounds of that kind.

“DX” Series

“DX” synthesis means; 6 sine wave operators, with 1 feedback circuit, 32 fixed yet selectable algorithm.

Its iconic sounds represent 80s pop music, and when it comes to organic acoustic sounds, it stands far beyond what subtractive synthesis can. Listen to the demos, and be amazed that all the sounds below are made solely with Hive!

On some wavetables we used 7 operators, to add more density to sound. In script world, you never run out of operators! 😈

“CZ” Series

“CZ” synthesis means; 8 basic waveforms made from the transformation of simple cosine wave, plus the “jointed” waveforms where 2 waveforms sit together creating new shapes.

We’ve replicated all 28 jointed waveforms, as well as basic 8 waves. They have unique roundness in shapes and creates distinctive sounds.

“OPL” Series

We also replicated YAMAHA OPL2/3 waveforms, and some FM waves made from their original algorithms (OPL2 : Simple 2OP / OPL3 : 4OP, 4 algorithms).

Although they’re known as retro computer sound chips, these waveforms and algorithms themselves have strong potential for modern electronic music. So we remade them totally in Hi-Fi sound quality.

“MX” Series

In software synths world, there’s a big, huge, massive synth renowned as some stunning waveforms. Some of them are based on FM (and mirroring, hardsync combined).
Taking ideas from them, we created 16 modern waveforms. These are not identical to the originals, they just sound superb.

Don’t you sometimes think that the factory waves are all the way classy? If you’re eager for dirty ones, this is it.

Trailer Video



You may wonder how FM/PD sounds are packed into wavetables, how to use them or how much aspect of sound you can edit inside/outside wavetables.
We made a documentation explaining those things! We recommend that you have a look at this before purchasing.


  • 48 Basses
  • 33 Keyboard Sounds
  • 23 Leads (Mono)
  • 12 Leads (Poly)
  • 21 Pads
  • 14 Percussions
  • 10 Arp/Seq
  • 161 Presets in Total

All presets are mod-wheel and after touch ready! And as to the details of 100 custom wavetables, see documentation above.


All presets are tagged. In addition, presets are sub-categorized by number from 1 to 4. Each number implies its basic sound character.

  • 1: Soft, gentle, closed filter.
  • 2: Warm, fat, semi-open filter.
  • 3: Bright, noisy, open filter.
  • 4: Tricky sounds like wobbling or inharmonic ones, or pseudo-real instruments.

It means “Scroll down and go intensive”. So if you want very soft pads, look for “PD1-” presets. If you want aggressive bright pads, look for “PD3-” presets.

Search by Wavetables

All presets have information about which type of wavetables they use. Say you specifically want the sound of “DX” series, just enter “[DX]” in search and all the presets using DX wavetables are listed up.


  • All presets requires HIVE v2.0.
  • Wavetables are NOT compatible with other synths like Serum.*

*UHM wavetables can be exported as wav, and most of the wavetables are already done so (see documentation), but these wav files are not sure to be compatible with other synths.

Further Support

If you have some trouble, please contact us.

How to Install Presets

  • Open Hive
  • Switch to the Preset Browser
  • Right-click on the User folder to show a popup menu
  • Select the open in Explorer (Windows) / reveal in Finder (macOS) option.
  • Drop the preset folder there.

How to Install Wavetables

  • Open Hive
  • Open wavetable loading menu
  • Select the open in Explorer (Windows) / reveal in Finder (macOS) option.
  • Drop the preset folder there, or any newly created folder inside there, with any name you like.

About Wavetable Management

How does Hive manage wavetables? Here is what Urs says about that :

Currently wavetables are identified solely by their filename and location. If a wavetable isn’t found where it was when saving a preset, the engine looks into the preset directory first. Then checks any other directory within the wavetables folder.
(Quoted from a KVR Thread)

So as long as it resides inside the “Wavetables” folder, a folder can be moved or renamed. But you can’t rename wavetable files.

Release Notes

All changes are listed here.

v1.0.1 (2020.11.19)
Fixed Compatibility Fixed that error message appears on loading a preset
v1.0 (2020.11.18)
Released The very initial release


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