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A Byte of Excitement.

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All sounds except for drums are from the presets in 8bit Anthem.

“8bit Anthem” is a preset library featuring original UHM wavetables modeled after legendary sound chips used in famous video game consoles.

What is UHM?

UHM(U-He Math) is the wavetable scripting language developed by u-he, introduced in 2018.

UHM can generate very high quality wavetables expressed by math and logical formula. With its ability of very fine tuning, we replicated 8bit waveforms as much as possible.

The “C”

The megahit game console from US famous for its unique sounds using arpeggiator and multimode filter.
It contains smooth tri and saw waves as well as pulse wave.

The “N”

The most famous and typical video game sounds you may imagine. Above all, Its 4bit triangle wave is one of the icon of chiptune world!


The extended sound chip for the “N” console containing more variety of pulse waves and pseudo-saw, which produces very delightful crispy bass sounds.


A sound chip with characterful 2OP FM synthesis. The old good sounds of brasses, winds, basses…are reproduced in HIVE. In addition to the original 15 preset sounds, other new sounds such as saxophone or electric piano are packaged.

*All sounds are made with HIVE, no external effects are inserted. Mod Wheel is used to morph sounds.

Every Little Bit Counts.

Waveforms generated from retro hardwares have super intricate shapes, which creates “that vibes” that catch your heart. The wavetables included in 8bit Anthem replicate those subtle nuances with the power of UHM.

Recorded Sample 1
Recorded Sample 2
Our Wavetable

Every curve is carefully sculptured to achieve the best possible sound quality. You can even look into UHM source code files and edit them!

Multi Frame Randomization

A wavetable is fated to sound static because a single short cycle waveform is consistently repeated on playing. To make it more like real hardware sounds, the wavetables in 8bit Anthem utilize redundant frames for subtle variations.

The presets in 8bit Anthem produce even more vivid reality by modulating WT position with an LFO.


Retro game softs do not have the ability to directly point the exact frequency of a pitch. Pitches are generated from the calculation between the master clock and integer values programmed.

And since input values are integer-based, it causes tolerance––pitches are very slightly off-tuned from 12-tone equal temperament. To replicate this, presets in 8bit Anthem use microtuning files. You can by default enjoy old good detuned sound, or you can make it perfectly tuned by switching mtun button off.

All these details contribute to the genuine sound character of the presets!



Please read the documentation for detailed information.

  • How to Install Contents
  • About custom wavetables
  • About Recommended Interpolation
  • About UHM files

Contents of Presets

  • 45 Basses
  • 64 Leads
  • 10 Pads
  • 47 Keys
  • 8 Brasses and Winds
  • 7 Sequences
  • 11 Sound Effects

192 presets in total. All presets are tagged and mod-wheel ready.

Categorized by models, the number of presets are following:

  • 39 “N” series presets
  • 35 VRC6 presets
  • 86 “C” series presets
  • 32 OPLL presets

Wavetables and .tun Files

  • 5 basic wavetable files of “N”, “C” and VRC6
  • PWM and 5 hard sync wavetable files of “C”
  • 26 OPLL FM wavetables
  • 4 Microtuning files

OPLL wavetables are only in UHM format, while the others are exported as WAV format along with UHM.

Q & A

What’s specifically included in the package?

・Hive Presets
・Wavetables, exported as Wave
・Raw UHM files which you can open and edit

Below is the list of the synths we’ve checked the compatibility:

Synth UHM Wav(Hive ver)

To make it short, Vital is great and all the others will be incompatible.

If you get curious, Please check compatibility with this test wavetable. If loaded correctly, this file draws “Sine-Tri-Saw-Sqr-Wide” waveforms.

Are they recorded samples?

No. All wavetables are generated from uhm (u-he’s wavetable scripting language).

Model hardwares are used as references, analyzed with oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. Note that wavetables are not based on a single hardware, but recorded samples you can get through web. According to hardware conditions and recording environments, sound may vary. But when collected, tolerances are diminished and you can see the character of sound chips.

Are the output sounds equal to the models?

No. Though the wavetables and presets mimic some of the characteristics of lo-fi sounds, other elements such as hardware noises or saturation are not reproduced in the presets.
8bit Anthem primarily aims at offering, paradoxically, “hi-fi 8bit” sounds suitable for modern electronic music. There are a variety of plugins that make clean sound dirty but the reverse is unfeasible, which is why we decided to keep it clean.


  • It requires HIVE v2.1.1.

Further Support

If you have some trouble, please contact us. Or if you have any thoughts, KVR thread is a good place tp talk.

For installation guide, refer to the documentation in “Details” tab.

Release Notes

All changes are listed here.

v1.02 (1.17.2023)
Fixed Fixed the issue that “KY – YM Harpsichord” (in OPLL) mistakenly used a wrong wavetable so sounded quite like a guitar. The correct wavetable is “OPLL 11 Harpsichord.uhm”.
v1.01 (11.25.2022)
Fixed Fixed the issue that “Plug-In too old” error occurred even on Hive 2.1.1.
v1.0 (11.24.2022)
Released The very initial release


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