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The other side of Hive

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The fastest got even faster.

  • Wavetable intended design
  • Full space for SEQ/FX/XY
  • Massive style modulation (for Filter)
  • Partial module linking (Generators/Modulators)
  • Additional "Linked Controls"
  • Notify you of inactiveness in various ways
  • Coordinated colors make MM clear
  • Comes with presets and custom wavetables

The whole structure is originally designed for Hive 1.2, but also compatible with v2.1.

Do you know Hive 2.1 have been released on March 2021? The new version includes a new skin I made. Yes, they finally hired me! It is strongly recommend that you check it first because it's the newer skin than Eclipse, coming for free.

Fly from Hexagon

The central hexagon in the original skin symbolizes its name "Hive". So they seems to be sticking to it. But...

Because of the hexagon, you cannot see the 16 step sequencer stay in a single line.


Because of the hexagon, you cannot see the 7 great effects set in a single lane.


And because of the hexagon, you cannot see the 4 XY pads placed side by side.


Ok now, fly from your hexagon and start from square one.

Colors that Matters

Each modulator has its own color, which helps you distinguish between them.

Editing mod matrices is now really intuitive. When you want to edit mod depth related to LFO, you just look for green. No need to read each label until you grasp all modulations.

Law of Friendship

What is efficiency and how do we improve it? There are many factors, but one definite measure is what I call friendship.

Say you just finish adjusting OSC1 volume, where will you go next? it is likely that you next edit OSC2 volume. Of-course it's not always so, but there on the average must be the ranking of probability.


I personally call this "friendship". OSC1 vol and OSC2 vol has great friendship, for example. Elements with higher friendship must be placed closer, so that your mouse movement will be minimized.

Below illustrates the area you have to move when mixing sounds (volume controls and filter routings).

The Eclipse theme

The original theme

You'll soon notice that the hexagon enshrined in the center gets in your way, for you know FX/SEQ things never have stronger friendship with OSC1 than that OSC2 has with. It's like a bed room placed between a living room and a kitchen.

So, the symmetric design does look beautiful, but does not work beautifully. You may have not recognized that, but if you try the Eclipse, you'll understand the difference.

Routing Mixer

Above all, the "routing mixer" is quite comfortable to work with. You can at a glance get all the information related to routings, and it even quietly tells you when no signals flow into a filter (by greying out the labels).

Series Routing

Parallel Routing

Inactive Sign

The Eclipse Soundset

The eclipse theme comes with a preset library and 60 custom wavetables.
This soundset is an "all-purpose" sound library and will invite you to Hive's new sonic realm.

Every preset uses wavetables in order to...

  • Get some uniquely evolving sounds
  • Get exquisite nuances that static waves don't have
  • Get sounds that can never be achieved without wavetables.

Unlike our other packages such as Massive Modular or AIKO, this library is not a bonus, but a serious product.
Every single preset was elaborately built up until it hit some "sweet-spot" of wavetables. All presets are mod-wheel ready and fully XY pad assigned.

Listen to Sounds

We are so much proud of its sound quality that the demos all are a solo demonstration of a single preset in turn. No external effects are inserted. You'll be surprised how versatile and realistic they sound!

(If the player won't start, please try selecting another track.)

EclipseBasses (Characteristic)
EclipseBasses (Basic)

Well Organized

All presets are tagged. In addition, presets are sub-categorized by number from 1 to 4. Each number implies its basic sound character.

  • 1: Soft, gentle, simple, closed filter.
  • 2: Warm, fat, analog, semi-open filter.
  • 3: Bright, noisy, digital, open filter.
  • 4: Modulated, inharmonic, pseudo-real instruments.

It means "Scroll down and go intensive". So if you want very soft pad, look for "PD1-" presets. If you want aggressive trans pad, look for "PD3-" presets.

60 Custom Wavetables

Eclipse presets are made both with factory wavetables and ones we originally created. So, in addition to 128 presets, you get those 60 wavetables! Watch YouTube Video for some wavetable introduction.

Note:With the v2 update, 7 of our wavetables are acquired officially by U-he, and now they're included in factory wavetables.

Get Demo

You can download the demo version of the skin.

There could be rare cases where the skin causes DAW to crash. Please try changing some presets, editing parameters, pushing buttons such as settings or save presets. And the skin is basically made for 100% zoom. Please check if it looks beautiful in your screen and your preferable zoom rate.


Demo Restrictions

  • Mod Matrix 7-12, XY Mod 3-4 are disabled.
  • Watermarks on most images.
  • Two pixel monsters reside in the screen😈

About Installation

Please read the userguide (on "Support" tab) for more detailed installation.

User Guide

User guide for a skin?

Eclipse adds many new features to Hive, and the whole UI is changed dramatically. Therefore it is recommended that you read through the userguide.

  • How to install the theme, presets, wavetables
  • How the skin works
  • Additional features
  • Preset list / Wavetable list
  • How to update / re-download

Click to view, right-click to download.


  • It supports HIVE v2.0.
  • It also supports HIVE v1.2. We keep an older version as a legacy archive.
  • It does not support v1.0 or v1.1.

Further Support

If you have some trouble, please contact us. Or the KVR thread is the best place to have discussion!

Release Notes

All changes are listed here.

v1.3.3 (2024.01.13)
fixed SEQ Now Seq Mod values are editable when "ModCC" value is off.
v1.3.2 (2021.04.11)
fixed Filter Fixed the issue that solo button for Filter2 didn't work correctly.
fixed Filter Fixed the issue that "link" feature in Filter didn't work correctly.
v1.3.1 (2021.03.29)
fixed Filter Fixed the bug that when you switch off the Reverb effect, the filter types are switched to "Reverb".
v1.3 (2021.03.16)
improved Compati Compatible with Hive 2.1! New filter types, mod noise.
v1.21 (2020.08.18)
fixed Mod On launch, 2 mod tabs are both unselected and looked strange.
v1.2 (2020.08.17)
improved Mod Mod assigner for Vib, Seq gate, Seq mod are added
improved General Overall aesthetic improvement
v1.11 (2019.06.05)
improved Keyboard v2 Key quantize feature added
v1.1 (2019.05.31)
improved General Compatible with Hive2!
improved Browser Now you can bypass FX inside preset browser.
v1.0.2 (2019.01.09)
fixed Wheels Wheels didn't respond to external wheel values.
fixed Seq gate control of 16th step was not clickable.
v1.0.1 (2019.01.02)
fixed Chorus Depth knob and Rate knob are the other way around.
added UI Now you can change modulator panel for a brighter one. It's in the "Alternative-Parts" folder so please make it on your own.
v1.0 (2018.12.26)
Released - The very initial release

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    You’re the best designer in the world and you know, and with this skin seems i’ve bought another synth, thanks


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