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Does a Plugin Dream of Electronic Synths?


"Replicants" is a preset library for u-he Tyrell N6, consisting of two collections—One is 56 replicants of JUNO-60 factory presets (bank A). They are so meticulously crafted to sound exactly like the originals that it's nearly impossible to distinguish between them...

The other is 88 original preset collection featuring old-school sounds. The pack starts with the fundamental synth sounds that Tyrell N6, developed based on 1980s analog synthesizers, should cover primarily and also includes beautiful sounds that leverage Tyrell's features such as LP/HP morph, FM and Ring Mod. Some of them are inspired by the images and actual sounds of "Blade Runner" movie.

Demo Sounds

Listen to some demo sounds as solo presets. All sounds are raw, without any external effectors.

The Replicants





  • 56 Replicants
  • 22 Basses
  • 8 Brasses/Strings
  • 9 Keys

  • 15 Mono Leads
  • 7 Poly Leads*
  • 19 Pads
  • 8 Plucks

144 presets in total. All presets are mod wheel ready.

*Poly leads…Polyphonic presets yet suitable for playing melodic(monophonic) phrases rather than chords.

For Preset Editing

In some presets, a hidden parameter "glide mode (time/rate)" is edited from the default state. Depending on DAWs you cannot access this parameter. To edit it, please use our free TN6 skin, MONA N6.

Demo Song

A song made only with the presets in the product, plus the vocal and drums.


  • Tested on Tyrell N6 v3.0 (Rev.3899).

How to Install

  • Open Tyrell N6
  • Switch to the Preset Browser
  • Right-click on the User folder to show a popup menu
  • Select the open in Explorer (Windows) / reveal in Finder (macOS) option.
  • Drop the preset folder there.
  • Refresh browser or reopen the plugin.


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