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Beauty and Clarity

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The Bonus Skin for Any Serum Products

LISA is included in our Serum preset products for free. “For free” means that in these products LISA is calculated as $0, the price is set just according to preset package value itself.

So we totally recommend that you buy our preset packages, rather than this skin individually.

Currently, Analog Anthem is the only package we have for Serum. If you add Analog Anthem to your cart, LISA is automatically added too. We’re going to release more Serum products, to offer more versatile choices.

Logical. Sophisticated.

LISA is an alternative skin that has Logical Interface & Sophisticated Aesthetics.



Main View







*The skin is designed primarily for Retina displays. The low resolution version is just shrunk images of retina version (no optimization).

Logical Interface

Even though the layout and functions cannot be editable through the skinning system, in some aspects user experience is improved.

Polarity Made Clear


In the original skin, bipolar/unipolar icons look too similar to distinguish instantly. And the straight L-R arrows don’t symbolize “polarity” very much in the first place.

In LISA, bipolar state is highlighted by color, and the icons are circular, which implicate modulation rings.

Sliders Dressed As Sliders


In the original skin, some sliders look as if they are buttons.

For example, TRIG/ENV/OFF in LFO is a single slider — switchable via DRAG and only one of them can be activated. But doesn’t it look like separated buttons just like BPM/ANCH/TRIP/DOT?

In LISA, sliders look like sliders, just as they’re meant to be.

Restrained Usage of Colors

Accent Color

In the original skin, modulation rings and many other elements are colored the same — blue. It’s a bit distracting when you look for modulated knobs.

In LISA, the accent color for modulation is exclusively used for modulation (except for Distortion effect colored the same by chance). You’ll feel quite comfortable with this restricted use of colors.

Any Color You Like.

LISA has 10 color variations! You can get new inspiration by changing between them.





















Further Support

If you have some trouble, please contact us.

Release Notes

All changes are listed here.

v1.22 (2023.12.3)
fixed Keyboard Fixed the bug that a pressed key is not displayed as pressed when a left-adjacent key is also pressed.
v1.21 (2023.9.19)
fixed Table Edit Fixed the bug that wavetable plus/minus icons (frame add/remove buttons) don’t appear.
v1.2 (2022.4.27)
fixed Mods Modulation “orbit” now works as expected.
v1.12 (2022.3.27)
fixed Global Saving preference button was overlapping the text next to it.
v1.11 (2022.3.27)
fixed Color variations were not applied to low resolution version.
fixed Header In SerumFX, the title “FX Version” was not rendered correctly.
v1.1 (2022.3.26)
added 9 color variations are added!
v1.0 (2022.2.26)
Released The very initial release

Based on 3 reviews

  1. English

    yvesbonnel (verified owner)

    Plugmon deserves more reviews. You should buy all of his stuff so we get regular updates. This Serum skin is dope i really love it. One thing people should never neglected is that a good skin can invite to sounddesign while a bad skin don’t… and we all want to be invite to a sound design journey!!! Thanks Plugmon this is brilliant <3

  2. English

    midow (verified owner)

    Plugmon makes such beautiful and practical GUIs, and I love everything he designs. He clearly has a deep understanding of UX, and LISA is another testament to his ability and talent. It may not be as drastic to the point workflow changes as with his u-he themes, but it still has excellent visibility and a sleek, 3D feel that makes the plugin feel modern, intuitive, and more pleasing to use. Hope to see more!

  3. English

    deep1nc (verified owner)

    Most beautiful and still practical serum skin I used so far. Truly love it! <3

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