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Solid GUI + Presets

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Solid Single Rack.

"monolith" is a completely redesigned GUI for U-he Ace, with many extra features added.

  • Single pane. No tabs at all
  • Modern GUI Size : 1320px x 820px
  • NI Massive style modulation
  • Colors tell you mod sources clearly
  • Ghost mode - Hide all cables
  • Graphical feedbacks for FX
  • Fullscreen MMap editor
  • Bundled with 48 bonus presets

Compatible with ACE v1.4.1 (with new preset browser).

What You See is What You Plug.

The whole modulation system is massively improved! Colors, icons and texts tells you a lot. Now you don't need to follow each cables with your eyes just to know where it's routed.

  • The "Massive Modular System" : Rings around knobs show mod depth.
  • Ring color changes according to its mod source!
  • Mod Sources are shown as an icon + short text.

In the original skin, the labels for default mod sources remain shown even after it's overwritten by other sources, which makes you confused all the time. It never happens in monolith skin.

What monolith aims is a hybrid modular synth : Analog vibes with digital functionality!

Ghosts are with You.

monolith incorporates the "Ghost Mode" feature, just like Tokyo Ghost Skin for Bazille.

  • Click the topbar icon and all cables are hidden.
  • You can still change mod sources by clicking dropdown menu icon!
  • Mod Src boxes are remain visible, so you can still see how they're routed.

Cables will no longer disturb you after patching are finished.

This means, extremely, you can use ACE completely as a cableless synth if you want!

Source of Inspiration.

Chorus & Delay have visual feedbacks, which display the combined results of a couple of parameters.

  • Delay : Sync + Feedback + Spread
  • Chorus : Rate + Depth

It especially helps when you load through many presets.

Seek for the Light?

In v1.1 update, The light version is added. Choose the color you like!

Trailer Video

The monolith Soundset


The monolith theme comes with a bonus preset library. Though it's not a big package, they're designed in detail and have nice touch of analog modular synthesis.

  • 19 Bassses
  • 12 Leads
  • 15 Pads
  • 8 Plucks
  • 10 Keys
  • 64 Presets in total.

Every preset is Mod Wheel ready and fully tagged!

Listen to the sounds

We are so much proud of its sound quality that the demos all are a solo demonstration of a single preset in turn. No external effects are inserted (except for keys sounds). In some tracks mod wheel is used to show how the sound morphs.

(If the player won't start, please try selecting another track or reload page.)

monolithKeys (with Ext. Reverb)

Get Demo

You can download the demo version of the skin.

There could be rare cases where the skin causes DAW to crash. Please try changing some presets, editing parameters, pushing buttons such as settings or save presets. And the skin is basically made for 100% zoom / HD Display. Please check if it looks beautiful in your screen and your preferable zoom rate.


Demo Restrictions

  • Only half number of modules are available.
  • Watermarks on most images.
Download Demo

About Installation

Please read the userguide for more detailed installation. You need to install fonts as well as themes for it to look perfectly beautiful!

User Guide

--User guide for a skin?

monolith is not just a skin. It brings you new functions. New layout, new modulation system, new graphical elements...So it is recommended that you read through this manual. (it's just 8 pages long.)

Click to view, right-click to download.



  • 1.Go to "Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/u-he/Themes”
    and drop the theme folder. (Note that it's not your USER's LIBRARY folder.)
  • 2. Open ACE.
  • 3. Click the cog icon (top-right) to open the preference.
  • 4. Choose “monolith” as the default skin.


  • 1. Find your ACE folder. it may be on ""
  • 2. Then move to "Support:Themes" and drop the theme folder there. If there's no such folder, then create on your own.
  • 3. Open ACE.
  • 4. Click the cog icon (top-right) to open the preference.
  • 5. Choose “monolith” as the default skin.


  • It requires ACE v1.4.1 or higher (the new preset browser with tag function.)

Further Support

If you have some trouble, please contact us. Or the KVR thread is the best place to have discussion!

Release Notes

All changes are listed here.

v1.11 (2021.9.29)
Improved - For MIDI outlets, labels are added along with icons.
v1.1 (2020.7.29)
Added - Light version of the theme is added!
Added - New 16 presets! Now 64 in total.
Improved VCF The area of mod boxes is (though invisible) enlarged, for better response.
v1.0.1 (2020.3.27)
Fixed MTun Added tuning files browser instead of dropdown menu, which hopefully fixes some crash issue.
v1.0 (2020.3.25)
Released - The very initial release

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  1. English

    lavmort (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting for this!!! You have literally revived my ace. Thank you so much!

    これを待ってました!!! ACEがまさに息を吹き返したよ。とってもありがとう!

  2. English

    Megahead (verified owner)

    Its amazing what this skin has done for ACE. Not just in visual but in workflow, a game changer indeed. I salute you!


  3. English

    yvesbonnel (verified owner)

    Yes i agree with lavmort this skin revived my ACE and the wish to do sound design again! thanks this a very dope skin i love it in every way <3

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