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Various Materials You Need

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Materials with No Boundaries.

“Material Keys” is a HIVE2 expansion containing only keyboard sounds (organs, mallets, harps, brasses etc).
Very dedicatedly categorized, you can swiftly start creating new sounds.

  • 5 Electric Pianos
  • 6 Organs
  • 5 Plucked Strings
  • 6 Glockenspiels
  • 5 Marimbas
  • 6 Musicboxes
  • 2 Glassy Instrumens
  • 5 Brasses
  • 8 Synths

48 presets in total. All presets are fully tagged and mod wheel ready. Small package for even smaller bucks!

Why not samples, but Hive?

The answer is simple : creativity and morphability.

Some sounds are just between wood and metal, glass and wood, or harp and mallet. Some have watery texture, Others have cheap retro tastes. They give you much broader sounds than static samples.
And just twist a knob and you’ll get a new sound. Just press “Next Wavetable” button and you’ll get another. You can control every bit of sounds such as envelopes, velocity-sensitivity, detune, width, without loosing its quality at all.

So it includes only 48 materials, but you’ll never end up with just 48. The possibility is literally immense!

Listen to Sounds

All 48 presets are played here. No external effects are inserted (except for #10-11 “When in Mix”).

Glockens / Glasses
Electric Pianos
Plucked Strings
When in Mix (effects inserted, + drums, bass, vocal)
When in Mix 2 (effects inserted, + drums, bass)

#11 – Drums : FXpansion BFD3 / Bass : Ample Sound ABU3


  • It requires HIVE v2.0.

Further Support

If you have some trouble, please contact us.

How to Install

  • Open Hive
  • Switch to the Preset Browser
  • Right-click on the User folder to show a popup menu
  • Select the open in Explorer (Windows) / reveal in Finder (macOS) option.
  • Drop the preset folder there.


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