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Breathtaking Beauty.

This is the Zebralette version of “Neumann” skin.
The skin was originally built for Zebra², and is now brought to Zebralette. Since Zebralette is a free synth, this is provided free too!

New Modulation System

Neumann has the new modulation system like NI Massive synth, inheriting from our previous product, “Massive Modular” skin.

There are “modulation source box” and you can do these:

  • Left click : Set the mod source
  • Drag the text area : Control mod depth
  • Right click: Change the mod source
  • Mod amount is shown as a ring.

Just have a try and you’ll see. It’s really simple and fit to your hand!

Delay Designer

The delay section is radically re-designed! Graphical feedbacks let you play with it intuitively.

The 3-1-2-4 alignment at first may seem strange but you’ll soon find it comfortable, since in most presets the tap 1&3 are panned left, while 2&4 right.

  • Hide Inactives
    Hide tap 3&4 when inactive
  • Direct Selection
    Click the timeline to set delay time to 2/4D/4/8D/8/16/32 (Others you can set from the dropdown list).
  • The Panner
    Panning is now superintuitive!
  • The Filter
    You can drag the frequency section to adjust filter cutoff.


For Neumann for Zebra² owners:
“Neumann for Zebra²” includes Zebralette version inside it. So if you have “Neumann for Zebra²” installed, there’s no need of getting this one. This theme will become redundant if both are installed.


  • 1.Go to “Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/u-he/Themes”
    and drop the theme folder. (Note that it’s not your USER’s LIBRARY folder.)
  • 2. Open Zebralette.
  • 3. Right click somewhere
  • 4. Choose “Neumann for Zebralette”.
  • 5. Right click again, and choose “make default”. Now the theme is set as default.


  • 1. Find your Zebra folder. it may be on “C:VSTPlugins:u-he:Zebra.data”
  • 2. Then move to “Support:Themes” and drop the theme folder there. If there’s no such folder, then create on your own.
  • 3. Open Zebralette.
  • 4. Right click somewhere
  • 5. Choose “Neumann for Zebralette”.
  • 6. Right click again, and choose “make default”. Now the theme is set as default.

And you also have to install custom fonts! If you don’t see where to install, please read the userguide.


  • It requires Zebralette v2.8 (=Rev.7325 or higher). It has the new preset browser with search function, so the theme won’t work on older version.

Further Support

If you have some trouble, please contact us.


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