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The Story

“Pocket Modular” is our very first product, and is the former model of “Massive Modular“. After the release of M.M., this product had gone obsolete.

Now it is available for free, just as a memorial.

Pokemod Crystal

Pokemod 1st Generation

Remember that this is an discontinued product. Unlike other plugins, no support or update is to be made.

Unique Design for Each Module

Though Pokemod doesn’t have a big functional difference, it has characteristic module designs.



  • 1.Go to “Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/u-he/Themes”
    and drop the theme folder. (Note that it’s not your USER’s LIBRARY folder.)
  • 2. Open Zebra.
  • 3. Click the cog icon (top-right) to open the preference.
  • 4. Choose “Pocket Modular” as the default skin.


  • 1. Find your Zebra folder. it may be on “C:VSTPlugins:u-he:Zebra2.data”
  • 2. Then move to “Support:Themes” and drop the theme folder there. If there’s no such folder, then create on your own.
  • 3. Open Zebra2.
  • 4. Click the cog icon (top-right) to open the preference.
  • 5. Choose “Pocket Modular” as the default skin.


  • Work on both v2.8 and v2.7 (separate packages*)
  • No support for ZebraHZ or Zebrify

*Note that these skins are originally NOT compatible with v2.8. The ones for v2.8 are just patchwork from the original skin.

Release Notes

Initially released in February 2015, We updated Pocket Modular manu times, and it finally gave its way to “Massive Modular”.

v2.0 (2016.1.27)
Upgraded The successor of this theme (Massive Modular) is released. This product is now obsolete.
v1.9 (2015.12.22)
improved EQ EQs now have an alternative parametric knobs. You can switch GUIs.
improved HZ ENV1 and Diva module are now separated again (work naturally as before).
improved General Made some logos you can choose from.
v1.8.1 (Date unrecorded)
improved ENV An envelope Slider now shows its curve. And in V-slope mode, you can drag horizontally to morph the slope (much more intuitive).
improved Mixer Small “Pan” and “Vol” sign in the center mixer.
changed HZ Diva module behaves a bit differently. to solve the “selected on top” crash issue.
improved HZ Ladder, Multimode, Cascade looks a bit better. Logically clearer than before.
(Blue HZ is obsolete for now)
improved OSC Big OSC Editor got better. Less clicks are needed now.
improved M.Matrix Mod Matrix rack now has scroll bar (for no-mouse, no-trackpad users).
fixed VCC Voice Circuit Module changed a bit, to avoid the crash caused by “selected on top”.
improved General Some knobs in OSC and VCirc have signs telling you “bipolar” or “unipolar”.
fixed ENV Fixed the bug that Mini-Envelope knobs doesn’t work.
improved HZ HZ contents are now shown in the quite different way. “HZ” button is in the Topbar.
Click it and you’ll see HZ modules in the right (It hides the original right rack).
This is also for avoiding the crash caused by “selected on top”.
v1.8 (2015.10.23) – 128DL Celebration
added Themes New theme “Pokemod Platinum” has been added.
fixed Delay Fixed the issue that knobs on Delay2 aren’t shown correctly.
v1.7.1 (2015.10.11)
fixed MSEG [SD]Fixed the issue MSEG doesn’t work. Sorry for this big problem.
fixed VCC [SD]”Voice Drift” label is now shown correctly.
v1.7 (2015.10.5)
improved SEQ The 5th pane, SEQUENCER TAB is now added! Superusable.
added Soundset Soundset is also updated. New category — Sequences!! 29 new presets.
improved General More thorough “HIDE INACTIVE KNOBS”. Sync and SFXs knobs in OSC won’t be shown when inactive.
fixed Mmap [Crystal]ModMapper2 now works fine. Thank ~Pd~ on KVR!
improved ENV [Crystal]Stop using too much colors on ENVELOPE modules.
v1.6 (Not Released)
fixed Delay Fixed the mis-spelling on Delay. (PROCESSER -> PROCESSOR).
v1.5.1 (2015.9.27)
fixed HZ [Blue]Fixed the issue that again no Diva settings and HPF are shown in Zebra HZ.
v1.5 (2015.9.6)
improved General Compatible with the latest version, which has the midi learn and option panel.
v1.4.1 (2015.8.22)
fixed HZ Fixed the issue that no Diva settings and HPF are shown in Zebra HZ.
v1.4 (2015.7.24) – 64DL Celebration
improved General Individual design for VCFs, ModFXs and Reverb module
fixed VCF, XMF Fixed the issue that FilterMod2 Knobs (VCF&XMF) looked as if they affected resonance.
added Themes Pokemod Crystal “BLUE VERSION” is added as a bonus theme!
improved General You can confirm the theme version within Zebra.
v1.3 (2015.7.16)
improved HZ Pokemod Crystal now supports Zebra HZ.
fixed General Fixed the issue that “visit u-he.com” pop up menu cannot be shown.
improved Comp Added new compressor design; which has VU meter and 3 design in accordance with comp mode!
improved General Logo is now separated from Background image, so you can easily replace it.
v1.2.3 (2015.6.20)
fixed Files Changed the folder names so that all Windows PC can unzip the contents safely.
fixed General Fixed the issue in “SD – Pokemod 1st Gen” that OSC pane cannot be shown correctly.
v1.2.2 (2015.5.14)
improved OSC OSC tab design is now vertically aligned, which is more intutive.
improved OSC Big OSC waveform displays reverted back to bottom pane (for hand-drawing wave editing).
fixed OSC, FMO OSC & FMO keyscales are moved inside each module.
improved OSC Width knob is automatically hidden when in single voice mode (as it does nothing).
improved General [Crystal]Faders, sliders and switches are redesigned so as to match others.
v1.2.1 (2015.5.10)
fixed VCF Fixed the issue that ModKnobs on VCF don’t show properly.
v1.2 (2015.4.23)
added Themes New theme style added (Pokemod Crystal). Modern style knobs and modules!
v1.1 (2015.4.9)
improved General Optimization for Non-Retina, Windows PC.
v1.0.1 (2015.3.27)
added Userguide Instruction for Windows users added.
improved General Delete comments in the theme file to make it lighter.
v1.0 (2015.2.4)
Released The very initial release