GUI & Presets for ACE

  • Single pane design
  • New modulation UI
  • Ghost mode



New GUI for Zebra is released.

  • Effects in a rack
  • MSEGs in mod rack
  • Beautiful pianoroll sequencer

...and more



Free skin for Tyrell N6

  • Modern flat design
  • Vivid colors inspired by JUNO-6
  • New modulation UI


Supreme Design,
Made in Japan.


  • Prologue
  • monolith

  • Eclipse

  • AIKO



Japanese translation completed!

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Through this month, I worked hard on translating the whole website & the shopping service. Now it's aaaaaaaaaall Japanese! Including userguide🎉🎉 Celebration Package Released To celebrate this, we're sharing our…

Neumann “Chromatic”!

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Yeeeeeeeeah Neumann v1.5 introduces alternative colored backgrounds!! for good distinction between modules. Slight differences help a lot. Do It Yourself For now, this colored version is the second choice, that…

Changes on “Terms and Conditions”

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Hi, We've modified "Terms and Conditions" a bit. It includes some important changes so we inform of it in this article. Extended Usage The usage for our presets is extended!…

monolith for ACE is released!

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Yeaaaaaah monolith for U-he ACE is released!! Good visibility with great functionality! Single pane. No tabs at all Modern GUI Size : 1320px x 820px NI Massive style modulation Colors…