GUI & Presets for ACE

  • Single pane design
  • New modulation UI
  • Ghost mode



New GUI for Zebra is released.

  • Effects in a rack
  • MSEGs in mod rack
  • Beautiful pianoroll sequencer

...and more



Free skin for Tyrell N6

  • Modern flat design
  • Vivid colors inspired by JUNO-6
  • New modulation UI


Supreme Design,
Made in Japan.


  • Yuta
  • Yuta
  • Prologue
  • monolith

  • Eclipse

  • AIKO



Stripe Support & Privacy Policy Update

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Hi, we added Stripe as a way of checkout! This means that PayPal account is no longer necessary. Stripe enables you to pay purely by your credit card, with no…

Hive 2.1 is Released and … My Skin, Officially!

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YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH YES!YES!YES! Finally! Hive v2.1 has been released and my new skin "Izmo" is included in the installer! As you see above, it is not just an updated version of…

Tutorials for Hive2 Function Generator on YouTube

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Hi, We published a tutorial video for Hive2 Function Generator! Pretty catchy explanation using images and actual working demo( ¨̮ ) This is part1 -- just explains 3 basic…

“FM Anthem” for Hive is Released

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We've released a new product : FM Anthem for Hive2. "FM Anthem" is HIVE2 preset library with 100 custom UHM wavetables, which replicates FM/PD synthesis waveforms. Bring Hive to the…