GUI & Presets for ACE

  • Single pane design
  • New modulation UI
  • Ghost mode



New GUI for Zebra is released.

  • Effects in a rack
  • MSEGs in mod rack
  • Beautiful pianoroll sequencer

...and more



Free skin for Tyrell N6

  • Modern flat design
  • Vivid colors inspired by JUNO-6
  • New modulation UI


Supreme Design,
Made in Japan.


  • Yuta
  • Prologue
  • monolith

  • Eclipse

  • AIKO



Eclipse v1.2

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Eclipse v1.2 has been released! Mod assigners for Vib LFO, Seq Gate, Seq Mod are added. Overall aesthetic changes(light green for Func, color adjustment, shadow adjustment, HIVE2 logo...) Just small…

monolith “light”

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monolith is updated to v1.1 and the light version is added!! To have choices is to have fun😇 Changes are not only on background from dark to light. Small element…

Japanese translation completed!

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Through this month, I worked hard on translating the whole website & the shopping service. Now it's aaaaaaaaaall Japanese! Including userguide🎉🎉 Celebration Package Released To celebrate this, we're sharing our…

Neumann “Chromatic”!

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Yeeeeeeeeah Neumann v1.5 introduces alternative colored backgrounds!! for good distinction between modules. Slight differences help a lot. Do It Yourself For now, this colored version is the second choice, that…