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Massive Modular Skin v2.1 is released!!
This is kinda BIG update.

Zebrify Support


Massive Modular now supports Zebrify!
Placing the “Input” section onto the top was the hard decision, for it pushes the center tab down.
“Tab” should be placed on the top or the bottom for the natural user experience.

But “Input” is the first section of the audio route and should be placed on the top, too. So I took latter.

New Envelope Drawer


The new envelope drawer will encourage you to use these advanced params.

OSC Editor Toggle

There has been the toggle for Big OSC editor, but it’s really small and hardly recognized…It’s described in the manual but hardly read, either.

So the more obvious toggles are added in each module.


So there’re at most 5 toggles that behaves all the same. It’s in away illogical but OK. Better than to feel inconvenient.

256 Download Bonus

Thank you for all the customers! 256 people have downloaded this product. Now the new bonus soundset — “Quick Electro” has been unlocked.

Modern Sounds

“Midnight” (All Zebra)

“Chronos” (Zebra+Drums)

“Leaving Home” (Zebra+Drums)

Classic Sounds

“Pocket Synthesiter” (Zebra+Drums+Vocal)

“The Android” (Zebra + Voice)

“Tour De Tokyo” (Zebra + Only Kick)

To Update

Most of the customers must have received the update notification e-mail. From that mail you can access the download link.
Those who don’t receive the update notification need to login to Gumroad or salvage the purchase receipt to access the contents.

If any trouble, please contact me from the mail form, Twitter or KVR.

Next update : Blue version. Stay tuned.

Yuta Yoshimatsu

Ohayo. I'm a Japanese graphic and sound designer. I love u-he products and speak u-he's theming language as fluently as any man.

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