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System Change

Today I made a system change on my shop : Now only product owners can leave a review on product pages. You’ll see a following notice on review pages if you don’t have the product or are not logged in.

The effect should be very limited, for almost all of the reviews are from product owners.

But a couple of existing reviews from non-owners are not shown now. I’m sorry for them🙇‍♂️

And when you leave a review, now you have to log in to your account…It could be tedious but please consider posting a review like when you log in for updating a product! Reviews really help.

The Backgrounds

The reason for this change is simple: A review without actually using/purchasing a product cannot be a proper review. I didn’t care much about this and just opened the review section (it was the default settings of Woocommerce system).
But now I notice that it’s strange that those who don’t own a product can write a review. The purpose of review is to get “real” impressions and information from actual users, especially from those who use a product for weeks or months.
Customers want to know how steep the learning curve of a skin is, how useful presets are in actual projects, whether an owner keeps using it with comfort, or whether it is worth the price in a long run.

It is a fair way of running a review system to open it only for owners.

Where to Complain

To be honest, I got sick of getting reviews from non-owners like “I don’t like the accent color”, “Too expensive for just a skin”, etc. The review section is not a place for posting these complaints before purchase (If you buy it, use it and still have complaints, I will not stop that opinion appearing on the review section).

Then where to post these arguments? You still have many ways to have a discussion with me––There are KVR threads for products, there are blog posts for newly released products, I have a Twitter account, e-mail also works.
KVR especially is a good place for open discussion––MONA, for example, already got many minor updates reflecting user requests. Let’s use internet for good communication❤️

Yuta Yoshimatsu

Ohayo. I'm a Japanese graphic and sound designer. I love u-he products and speak u-he's theming language as fluently as any man.


  • FER says:

    Hello …love my new Diva Skin Mona…is possibly a new update version with U he Original Logos and all Black skin?
    thank in advance

    • Yuta Yoshimatsu says:

      It does have the original logo inside GUI, in PLAY view (where the keyboard and wheels resides) so there’s no chance that the left-top logo also becomes the original one.
      The current one is already kind of a dark skin so even darker one is not likely to happen. If there’s something to come, it would be a light version or red version, just like AIKO.

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