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Hi! Today’s gonna be a historical day for me. We opened our own shop! So I kinda evolved from “a geek selling his goods on Gumroad” to “a small but decent shop owner”. 🤗

The whole website is renewed, and the domain is changed to (formerly Soon I’ll set auto-redirect settings on

On the previous post I said “will be finished by the end of November”, but it didn’t take that long at all! Processes were so smooth…surprisingly….

The Shop

We use the very common shopping system : WooCommerce. You may have encountered similar layout shops elsewhere. It’s simple and you won’t get lost. “Add to cart” and then “Checkout”.

Create your account

You can create your account but you need not necessarily do (You can checkout as a guest).
We recommend, however, that you create one so that updating & re-downloading can be done much more smoothly. Re-downloading process was one of the hardest parts on Gumroad. Now it seems easier.

Existing customers

So what will happen to existing customers on Gumroad? I wrote an article about that. Please read this page. As described there, you’ll be hardly bothered. Your past purchase will be inherited when you create your account.

We’ll continue supporting both Gumroad and our shop in parallel until the customers are well informed of this transition.

The Newsletters

As you see on the sidebar, we started newsletter subscription service. There’re 4 types of news and you can choose whatever combination you like.

A newsletter will look like this.

Of-course, it never happens that a lot of advertising mails are sent to the Gumroad customers without agreements. We’re not going to have “flash sale” things in the first place.

New Products

Upon opening our shop, we released 2 new products.


Interstellar is a skin for Tyrell N6, a free skin! You can experience the “massive modular system” in free environment.

This product is made to lead people into our new store. It is called “客寄せパンダ(crowd drawing panda)” in Japanese🐼

Tokyo Ghost

And Tokyo Ghost, finally…… I’ll write a single article for this later. I’m glad I’m able to release her at last. She had been waiting for a shop to be built so long.

Pocket Modular

The other day a guy asked me if he could get Pocket Modular skin, the ancestor of Massive Modular and was obsolete years ago.

Though I didn’t have any plan of resurrecting it, but I decided to do so. It’s now available on the store, roughly patched to be compatible with Z2.8.

It is now *free* and no update will be made in the future.

Start Quietly

Although this is a celebrating event, at the start we announce this quietly. The brand new shopping system, the new newsletter system, the account migration system… I’m thrilled but at the same time afraid that there might shows up unexpected outcome.

So starting with this blog post, then Twitter, next Gumroad newsletter, then KVR articles on AIKO and Massive Modular, after that I’ll post a new thread about Tokyo Ghost and Interstellar…

If you have any troubles, please contact us either on the contact page or on Twitter. The support is enthusiastic than ever before.

Many Thanks

Finally, I really appreciate all your interest, feedbacks, comments, replies, everything. We’re still on the way. A new Zebra skin will be released next year. I’m gonna tackle on making preset libraries too. And when Zebra3 is released, there’ll be again exciting updates. I hope you’ll be with us.

Yuta Yoshimatsu

Ohayo. I'm a Japanese graphic and sound designer. I love u-he products and speak u-he's theming language as fluently as any man.

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