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Hello! A new, great, epic product is released!

Analog Anthem“, the preset library for u-he Hive2, which features original UHM wavetables.

The previous product “FM Anthem” has revealed the deep possibility of UHM language.

The sound of “DX” and “CZ” is precisely recreated. So the next challenge is “Analog“. Though the realm which wavetables can touch is limited, as you can listen above, certain “feel” is present here!

I promise that with this package, sound design in Hive gets much more exciting. Choosing flavors is fun. You can see many new aspect of Hive.

Intro Sale

Analog Anthem is sold at $31 in regular price, but now on intro sale with just $15.
212 presets + wavetables, for $15. You can’t miss this!

Yuta Yoshimatsu

Ohayo. I'm a Japanese graphic and sound designer. I love u-he products and speak u-he's theming language as fluently as any man.

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