2020 is a leap year and Plugin Alliance is holding a crazy sale.

It’s crazy that we can get some of their plugins for just $29! (would be even greater if it were $2.29…😉)
To celebrate that, we share a skin for bx_console SSL 4000E!

“sslightly” Skin

The skin is named “sslightly“, as it makes only slight changes.

But sometimes slight changes make a difference.

  • Simple : Some aesthic elements like screws, metals are removed. Some knob values are also removed for plainer look.
  • Slimmed : Each UI element is slimmed down (shrunk), to leave good space between components for less feeling of oppression.
  • Light : The overall coloring is lighter than the original. The orange VU meters are also changed to green for more relaxing taste.

As a whole it has more modest, quiet, gentle, soft tastes than the original GUI. Green VU meters will also relax you. I hope you like it!

Go to the Download Page
Yuta Yoshimatsu

Yuta Yoshimatsu

Ohayo. I'm a Japanese graphic and sound designer. I love u-he products and speak u-he's theming language as fluently as any man.

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  • bresk says:

    Outstanding work!
    Any news on the paypal option ?

    • yuta says:

      This morning I got the letter from paypal and got a premier account!
      Soon the paypal payment will be available.

  • john says:

    i have still not received my link for the zebra patches and skin i paid for with paypal ?

    • yuta says:

      I’m sorry, I sent the link just now.
      There was a silent error on my email client and I thought that I had sent.
      Thank you for your contact.

  • Stephen Wey says:

    Hi a Paypal option is welcome but I’m concerned about the the fact that the popup window doesn’t not show the full Paypal address (it doesn’t have any address bar) – that is not reassuring. Even worse when you try and click through it expects you to agree to this “Preapprove future payments made from your PayPal account.” No way am I going to do that, you would have to be crazy to agree to such a thing.

    • yuta says:

      Hi Stephen,
      Given your comment, I myself tried that and felt the same.
      I searched and found that this is Gumroad’s policy.

      I posted the new article about this issue and details are there.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  • I88 says:

    is there a planed fix for the windows version,tested it in multiple DAWs on windows 7 and it crashes in reaper,bitwig and live.

    • yuta says:

      I looked into it and found that only the trial version crashes.
      Maybe because the script was a bit older than those of commercial versions.

      I updated the trial version.
      Please try it again, It wouldn’t crash anymore, I hope.

  • Tika says:

    hi Plugmon
    so did u success collect your payment via paypal? how it works?
    can i know how step by step
    i am confuse too how to collect my money via paypal in Gumroad..

    Best Regards

  • I88 says:

    Thanks for the update,

    Could you number the updates in future so we know what version is released ,compared to what version we have. e.g. v1.1,v1.2 etc

  • I88 says:

    There’s a thread on KVRaudio about your skin,you should come over and introduce yourself,you will get feedback on your design.

    • yuta says:

      You’re right, I should have numbered. I’ll do that from next update.
      And thanks for the link!

      • I88 says:

        Good to see you will be adding numbers to future version & looking forward to the redesign of the VCF Mod2.

  • Dan says:

    Hi, very nice work… but how can I update teh CRYSTAL skin?

    • I88 says:

      Go to Purchase Now button,there’s a login button on the top right,you need to login with your email and password for Gumroad,if you haven’t set up your Gumroad password yet it should ask you to do it,then that will bring you to the download section,that’s where the update is

  • stoersignal says:

    hey! i already bought your skin, but i don`t know how to get the update now? OR: where is the button to buy the Crystal skin?

  • Spencer says:

    A bank of over 400 presets, a collaboration between Hans Zimmer and Howard Scarr. Practically all Zebra sounds in the The Dark Knight as well as The Dark Knight Rises soundtracks are included, plus several more that didn’t quite fit into the scores.

  • Saved as a favorite, І like your web site!

  • Peter Dines says:

    If you take away the bottom pane, could you please put a large view of the oscillators on the oscillators pane? I need a large sized oscillator window for editing.

    • yuta says:

      Of-course I did!! 🙂

      You can enlarge OSC editor by toggling the button in the right of the OSC display.

  • Mark Altin says:

    Hi Yuta, I’m sorry to hear that you are having piracy issues. When I first saw your theme and realized that it was part of a sound pack, I was expecting to pay $50 (which I would have gladly done). Your theme is so well organized that I feel it makes Zebra more accessible to me. In any case, when I realized that you were only charging $14.99, I purchased it immediately!

    Now that I see Rudy, I’m really excited for it’s release. I’m saddened by the fact that it is delayed due to piracy, but I understand your need to protect all of your efforts.

    Until then, I’m excited to play with Crystal and Vintage!

  • The Commiserator says:

    Yuta, I know just how you feel. I’ve found my stuff on pirate sites too and it’s a terrible, terrible feeling. I wasted a day writing to the file sharing sites and asking them to remove it. I’m also in the soundware business and there seems to be no way to lock most skin and sound formats, certainly not in Zebra. Even with copy protection they’ll usually find a way around it.

    I’d advise you to raise your price. I think it increases perceived value and makes people less likely to upload if they bought it with their own money.

    If you haven’t already, you should contact the U-he guys and offer to create a Zebra 2 skin for them on contract. Maybe even Zebra 3. Your GUI work is superb and a pleasure to use, not to mention the great sounds.

    • yuta says:

      I take your advice. I haven’t contacted U-he guys, but the Ruby version makes me think it’s worth doing so. Thank you.

  • AlexandreSafi says:

    Thank you so much Yuta for this Diva “Flataholic” Skin! This blog is really useful! I already love the previous skin you made for Diva which replaced the original for me!
    I just purchased a few weeks ago your Zebra2/ZebraHZ “Pokemod” set… It’s just the most passionate work done I’ve ever seen done for such an incredible plugin like Zebra, it not only already really improved my learning of this synth, it also really re-invigorated my workflow…
    I just wanted to say, You definitely should share & use the “Vi Control Forum”- (Commercial Announcements Section) to sell your work, lots of “u-he” fans there… You truly deserve all the best, keep striving, you have all my encouragements & support!

  • fab_thefab says:

    I was hoping for the new zebra ruby skin you told us about… I don’t own Diva but i’m sure owners will enjoy it…

    What about the ruby skin for zebra? It looks tremendous !

    • yuta says:

      The new skin is extreme close to the release!!


      Now I’m making the new intro page and a demo movie. Also I’m considering the price and the new name to be given…Any way it won’t be long.

  • fab_thefab says:

    Is there a special update price for former pokemod owners?

    • yuta says:

      Are you talking about the Zebra skin? Yes it’s a FREE UPDATE for the existing user. The product itself is now replaced with the new skin. Just re-download the content and you’ll be able to update.

  • jaxpok says:

    Been trying to learn Zebra on and off for the last five years. When DIVA came out I gave up as DIVA had a GUI I clicked with. Since adding Plugmon Massive to Zebra HZ I’ve spent a full week straight learning nearly everything in Zebra It’s just like using DIVA but with more modules to add in. The thought process feels so straight forward and fun. Looking forward to the wider version that looks like a proper hardware modular synth. Thanks for the work and passion.

  • Walter Cruz says:

    I like the idea of icons, but duo and poly seems close enough to me that I’m able to confuse it.

  • JiggaJogie says:

    I love these skins so much! I had just a couple questions. Is the latest update supposed to contain all of these new features? I don’t see the new reverb or changes to the voice circuit / top bar.

    Also, when I load a D-HCF in ZebraHZ, nothing comes up and there is nowhere to edit the HPF. Thanks!!!

    • yuta says:

      Hi, not all the features has been brought yet.

      D-HPFs and VCA comps are hidden by default and can be activated by the button in the HZ module.


      It’s explained in the demo movie, but I should have written this in the user guide as well.
      Thanks for the feedback.

  • kim says:

    i love your work…
    you have made zebra amazing

  • James Vogts says:

    Hey plugmon.
    Got all of your stuff and love your skins and soundsets.
    Can’t seem to download Iceage anywhere, I would be happy to buy it.
    Also I own Zebra2 HZ so please send me some links and if it’s free at least let me donate via PayPal.


    diaper@ky from KVR

    • yuta says:

      Iceage is a part of the Massive Modular bundle. You can download it in a same product page on Gumroad.


      So it’s….free for existing customers. I rapidly built the donation button in the sidebar. hopefully it will work. I really appreciate your offer. Thanks.

  • Gianfranco says:

    I have see your wonderful work you have done for Diva,us are interested to have a new skin about about ABL 3 ,please ,I hope you accept my proposal and I can give you a free copy of our plugin.
    Let me know if you can be interested.Thanks in advance Gianfranco

  • Lee Ashworth says:

    Hi I’m unable to find the updated Musik Fabrik. skin in Gumroad

  • Alexandre BIQUE says:

    Do you have any plans regarding the new Zebra update and the new modules?

  • fab says:

    Good to know. Thanks

  • Michael says:

    Very nice! Any news on a Bazille Skin?

  • Alexandre says:

    Is there a pack to get all your skins?

  • Alexandre BIQUE says:

    Did you make any progress with Tokyo Ghost?

  • Tom says:

    I just got the Aiko Diva skin. Everything is great, except the cutoff rings. It’s really hard to select a specific ring – especially the middle one!

  • ihav2p says:

    Nice work on AIKO! It took me 5 min with the demo to decide to buy it. BTW I noticed a spelling error, UNIPOLER should be UNIPOLAR.

  • John Wise says:

    Please post an update about the Bazille skin

  • Michael says:

    when bazzile skin with ghost skin is out?

  • Chris says:

    I love the tokyo ghost bazille skin ? when will it be finished and available to buy ??

    • Neville Tubb says:

      Please could you give us an update on a release date for your Bazille skin. Really looking forward to this as the AIKO Diva skin has really made using DIVA much more of a pleasure. Many thanks.

      • yuta says:

        Hi, I wrote an article about this. Please read it.

        • Neville Tubb says:

          Thanks for the info Yuta. Really looking forward to the Bazille skin. I would recommend the AIKO Diva skin to anyone who likes to program Diva but perhaps finds the original interface a bit cumbersome. You could really do with a donate option on your site as well Yuta. I would love to be able to donate a small amount every so often just to say “Thanks” for all your hard work.

          • yuta says:

            I appreciate your recommending! and glad to hear about donation.
            But rather than donation, I’d like to earn by selling my products. So instead of donating, I hope you’ll have a look at our future products and get them if you like!

  • Alexandre BIQUE says:

    By the way do you have any plans for Hive?

    • Yuta Yoshimatsu says:

      Hi! I’m interested in recent wavetable function going on around Hive. I feel like making one but no real plan yet.
      If I do, it’ll be more wavetable-intended design like Massive or Serum, not a “Sylenth killer”.

  • mutantdog says:

    Hey Yuta.
    I’d like to make one small request for MM. While i prefer the look of it many ways, i sort of miss the distictive look of each module from Pokemod, in particular the different colours of each. MM seems a little too much of the same grey making it harder to distinguish modules at a quick glance. Any chance you could maybe add a bit more colour or shade variety, kinda like how the fx rack is currently?

    • Yuta Yoshimatsu says:

      Mmmmm…. Though I personally like color distinctions, it seems that the major opinion is “unified coloring is good”. Not a solid research but that is my impression.

      A good news is that in the *next* skin I’m currently working on, modules are going to be colored (a bit) differently!

  • Gianfranco says:

    You’re the best designer in the world and you know, and with this skin seems i’ve bought another synth, thanks

  • CGM says:

    buy it, enjoy it, it’s a great enhancement in every aspect !

    ps and thank you for the great Bonus Patches – very useful !!

  • Razzia says:

    As a preface I should say, I bought another Diva skin before this one. A very popular one, albeit not for me. It was very attractive and added some nice things to Diva but I felt it ultimately made me work a bit slower because I was already so adjusted to Diva’s default layout.

    I don’t encounter this sort of issue with Aiko. It looks and behaves very much like the default Diva skin, but it adds some very nice workflow enhancements and puts more of the interface where I can immediately see and use it. The change to the modulation system is absolutely for me, and the XY pads are a teriffic touch. This sounds like some fluffy marketing platitude, but it’s kind of more than a skin.

  • Mayk says:

    I BEG YOU make Eclipse2 for Hive2!
    I wont be able to use Hive2 unless you release skin with same asymetrical design.

    • Yuta Yoshimatsu says:

      It’s got a quick update and now you can access to new features (FG, Shape Seq, Scope & New Modulation System)😎

  • JS says:

    This skin is beautiful and so intuitive. Tempted to purchase, but I’m mainly using Zebra HZ. Any plans for an HZ skin? I’ll gladly pay the full price!

    • Yuta Yoshimatsu says:

      Many people asked me for ZebraHZ support so its priority is high. Now that bugs are (hopefully) removed, I’m gonna work on it soon. But I’m still wondering what layout would be best(like mentioned above.)

  • GaryS says:

    I’d also grab the Neuman once it supports ZebraHZ. The Massive-like mod system would be amazing!

  • Buddy Spike says:

    Hello Yuta,
    I know history tend to prove that most humans are not honest.
    Maybe I’m a naive person, but I sincerley believe that even the worst thieves have remorse.
    And remorse may force them, one day or another, to pay you for the stolen things they’ve used illegally.
    You must see the positive side of what happened: if it hadn’t be leaked, most of the people who came here on that Monday, December 7, 2015 will even not be aware of your beautiful creations, and would never have used your skins anyway if they should have paid for them, because the vast majority of those people are kids, and kids doesn’t have enough money for such “accessory” things.
    But who know if someday, among these kids, a few will make money from the pirated software they used? And that day, maybe remorse will push them to honor their debt…
    Good luck, and thank you so much for your wonderful free Tyrell skin.

    • Yuta Yoshimatsu says:

      Thanks Buddy,
      yes, now I take it positive. Once illegal contents are deleted, it becomes just an advertisement. And those who got cracked one might be fan of my contents in future!

  • tapekiller says:

    Thanks for the update. That ACE skin looks very good already, I like a lot the direction you’re taking.

  • J.J. Dekker says:

    Works perfecty, will test Aiko as well

  • lavmort says:

    It is really awesome! My Diva looks like its a new generation synth now. One of your best works IMHO.

  • lavmort says:

    Your ACE skin is sooo amazing!!! Can’t wait to buy this one!

  • lavmort says:

    I’ve been waiting for this!!! You have literally revived my ace. Thank you so much!

  • Megahead says:

    I absolutely love what your doing for ACE.. The light version would be god like

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