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Finally it’s released!! Eclipse for Hive.

Eclipse is designed fully for wavetable synthesis. Its asymmetrical design will reminds you of Serum or Massive.

Details are on this page.Now, let me introduce some of the great features in Eclipse.

Full Width Experience

In the original skin, the sequencer is with no doubt sacrificed for the hexagon.

What is the point of dividing 16 steps into 2 rows? There’s no reason but “It’s too wide to fit in the hexagon”.

Eclipse has wide, easy-to-use, slider style sequencer.

Also, the FX section is clearly too small to get comfortable experience. Eclipse sets 7 effects in a single line.

Mod Matrix

One of the best parts in Eclipse is; the Mod Matrix. Mod sources are distinguished by colors and icons.

A Knob’s ring is also colored corresponding to its source, which greatly improve usability!

There are many other small features added.


The Eclipse skin comes with 128 presets & 60 wavetables.

My first serious commercial soundset! Thoroughly elaborate; Mod-wheel & XY pad ready, fully tagged.
All presets use wavetables and obtain some tasteful sounds that static waves can’t achieve.

EclipseBasses (Characteristic)
EclipseBasses (Basic)

Especially pads & keys sounds amazing! I myself got astonished by its realistic sound quality!

60 Custom Wave Tables

Presets are made using both factory wavetables & our custom wavetables.


All wavetables are multi-wavetables. They transform variously and will give you new possibilities.

So 1 theme, 128 presets, 60 wavetables and it’s just $24 (for limited time). You can Try the skin for free!

Happy new year🌟🌟

Yuta Yoshimatsu

Ohayo. I'm a Japanese graphic and sound designer. I love u-he products and speak u-he's theming language as fluently as any man.

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