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Finally Diva Skin, and More!

By 2016.09.192 Comments

Finally it’s done. Massive Modular system for Diva!!
And there’s one for ACE, and even for Ableton Live!

“AIKO” Skin for Diva


Product page : AIKO Skin for U-he Diva

[WPGP gif_id=”2076″ width=”400″]

New Modulation System

The same mod system as Massive Modular Skin is now in Diva.

Uniform VCFs

Designs won’t get in your way.


There are a lot more features! See the product page. It’s commercial skin and comes along with a soundset… Just the same as Massive Modular skin.

Ace “Unity” Theme


And here’s another one — Ace “Unity” theme. This is just a small theme that makes Ace more like hardwares, more “Vintage”.
I just changed the knobs, the faders and the cable colours. Nothing else. It took me less than a day.
…So this is free!! You can download this theme from the Freebies page.

“Strawberry Fields” Skin for Live 9

A custom Ableton Live skin, made with M4L Skin Editor.
It features 3 accent colors : Strawberry Red, Lime Yellow, Leaf Green. So this is the most organic skin ever made. I’m not kidding. you can feel healthy, actually!!


I also made a M4L effect — MiniADT. You can download these from the Ableton Goods page.

Revolution Again.

How you work and how you feel — AIKO can change your Diva life, just as Massive Modular has done. Now you’ll be able to feel that Diva is an easy-to-handle, orthodox synth.

Have fun!!

(** I’ll make a topic on KVR soon.)


Ohayo. I'm a Japanese graphic and sound designer. I love u-he products and speak u-he's theming language as fluently as any man.


  • Gianfranco says:

    I have see your wonderful work you have done for Diva,us are interested to have a new skin about about ABL 3 ,please ,I hope you accept my proposal and I can give you a free copy of our plugin.
    Let me know if you can be interested.Thanks in advance Gianfranco

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