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Now Windows! Paypal!

By 2015.04.12October 31st, 2018No Comments

Windows Compatibility Update

Pocket Modular has got better compatibility with Windows (non-retina).





Fixed aliases problem that some images made.
Did away with font-size 8 since it seemed too small for non-retina display.

Trial version has been updated, too. Let’s try.

Paypal Option

Finally done! Now there’s “Buy via Paypal” button on the page.
Pay via PayPal and I send you “100% OFF voucher” for Gumroad. Then you can get it.
Let’s buy!

I make coupons manually, so it could take time depending on a situation.
The reason to use Gumroad anyhow is that I think it easy to let users redownload or update the content. you will be asked to associate your e-mail address with password to enable redownloading. Please do that.

If there’s trouble updating, redownloading or anything, please contact me. Free updating is absolutely guaranteed.

Yuta Yoshimatsu

Ohayo. I'm a Japanese graphic and sound designer. I love u-he products and speak u-he's theming language as fluently as any man.

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