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Hello Piracy

@ 2015.12.0810月 31st, 20186件のコメント


Suddenly a number of people have rushed into my website, however, no purchase at all.


The answer is simple : PIRACY.
Just googling around will get you the illegal copy of Pokemod for free (´・-・)

I’ll do something, but I don’t think it will stop this.
The only measure I can take is updating the contents… ?

What saved me from despair is; that this happens on the day very before I release the Pokemod Ruby, the new skin announced before.


Actually I finished the work this morning and was about to release it.
But I need to put off the release, to consider how to do with this.

Maybe I’ll start from closed beta release for early customers.
Stupid thing. I don’t want to do that. How pity those who cannot imagine the time spent on the work are.

Anyway, Ruby won’t come soon. I’m just sorry for this.



Ohayo. I'm a Japanese graphic and sound designer. I love u-he products and speak u-he's theming language as fluently as any man.